Following our popular Whale Sharks, Corals & Dragons cruise route this voyage has been designed for kids, teenagers and adults and will be led by Ray & Angela Hale, two UK-based conservationists and naturalists who have a strong but fun conservation message to impart to kids of all ages. 

On this trip expect to: 

– Learn about animal camouflage and how to spot animals in the wild wherever they may be hiding – bring your binoculars if you have them! 

– Learn how to draw the wildlife that you see with art classes with accomplished painter and illustrator Angela. 

– Enjoy interactive and educational nightly presentations on the wildlife we will see along the way in preparation for the following day’s activities. 

– Hear about the ecology of the Ring of Fire and learn about the importance of wildlife and habitat conservation. 

– Learn about Komodo dragons and how they have evolved to live in these barren and ancient islands. 

– Swim with whale sharks and manta rays and sea turtles. 

– Explore the kaleidoscopic coral reefs for hours each day surrounded by hundreds of fish and coral species.  

– Visit local villages and meet the local people to see how they live their lives. 

– Swim paddleboard, kayak and explore on glorious white sand beaches. 


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