– How does gliding through a dreamy fairy tale landscapes of karst limestone spires, mysterious caves, ancient rock paintings and endless secret coves filled with corals and fish of every colour sound?

– How about floating in body-temperature water watching endless species of fish swim below over the backdrop of kaleidoscope corals, or rolling over and floating on your back when you hear the screech of a sulphur-crested cockatoo flying past highlighted against the backdrop of a lush green landscape?

– Maybe the otherworldly experience of drifting among masses of rare stingless jellyfish in an actual forest pool of evolution?

– Or for a more terrestrial experience, how about an early morning cool and misty forest walk to see the secret and seductive dancing of the iconic birds of paradise?

If this sounds like you then let us bring you to one of the real Jewels of Indonesia – the islands of Raja Ampat.


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