– The more you know the more you see. Imagine gliding through dreamy fairy tale landscapes of karst limestone spires, mysterious caves, ancient rock paintings and endless secret coves filled with corals and fish of every colour?  This time the dreamlike landscape is painted with the fascinating stories of the forces that created these uplifts and perfect habitats for marine life. 

– How about floating in body-temperature water watching endless species of fish swim below over the backdrop of kaleidoscope corals, or rolling over and floating on your back when you hear the screech of a sulphur-crested cockatoo flying past highlighted against the backdrop of a lush green landscape?  Because of our expert and his hosting, you will begin to understand why that cockatoo is there and what has created those endless species of fish that are willing to passively share their home with you as you hear the stories of symbiosis, and natural selection. 

– Think about the otherworldly experience of drifting among masses of rare stingless jellyfish while understanding that these elegant creatures are actively farming their own food.  This sublime experience takes on another dimension when you understand you are afloat in a forest pool of evolution!   

– For a more terrestrial experience, think of an early morning cool and misty forest walk while considering the intrigue of the spectacular male dancers of the forest. You will learn how they work their entire lives to hone their bodies, build their performance space and tirelessly practice their seductive dance in an all or nothing effort to perpetuate their family line. This is the magic of seeing the secret and seductive dancing of the iconic birds of paradise? 

If this sounds like you then let Joe Mueller and SeaTrek  bring you to see the real Jewels of Indonesia – the islands of Raja Ampat. 


Our mission is to provide the best experience possible for our guests given the current conditions and when unexpected opportunities for adventure may present themselves along our cruise routes. Sometimes weather conditions, tides or other local factors dictate that we need to vary from the published route, and at times there are special opportunities to explore and discover new locations, events and activities. These explorations will always be a definite enhancement to the published itinerary and will be undertaken after discussion and agreement among guests. Ultimately, the boat captains and your tour leader will make decisions to maximize trip safety and your overall enjoyment, so please come prepared to be flexible!


Meet The Expert

Dr. Joe Mueller


Have you ever wondered what the differences are between hard corals, soft corals and sponges? Is it a plant, animal or even something else?

Join SeaTrek’s expert cruise with Marine Biologist Joe Mueller to learn all about it and more! As a professor of Marine Biology for 30 years, Joe’s been teaching a range of courses from Marine Invertebrate Zoology to Ornithology and Ecology. Come discover the wonders of the Sea, from plankton and coral reefs, and Land ecology and forest ecosystems, to Sky, learning the most bizarre and wonderful facts about birds during your adventure. Joe’s passion for nature is infectious and is an inspiration to people of all ages. Joe can’t wait to share his encyclopaedic knowledge during his daily talks on board as well as during the many nature outings along the way. But what’s super fascinating - is his knowledge of how it all fits together and how the interrelationships between ecological systems make up the basis for the essential nature of life.

SeaTrek the Jewels of Raja Ampat with Dr Joe Mueller (Sorong-Sorong)

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