This 12-day trip aboard the six-cabin Katharina combines the magic of the Banda Archipelago Spice Islands –the ancient and original home of nutmeg and mace– with the biodiversity of beauty of Raja Ampat, home to some of the richest and most diverse coral habitats on the planet. On this cruise you will discover the colonial history of Indonesia and its role in the international spice trade during the 17th century; explore the remote villages of Ceram and surrounding islands; see birds of paradise in their natural jungle habitats; search for and swim with manta rays; and swim, kayak, paddle and play on pristine white-sand beaches; and snorkel through vibrant coral gardens rich in all manner of tropical marine life.


Our mission is to provide the best experience possible for our guests given the current conditions and when unexpected opportunities for adventure may present themselves along our cruise routes. Sometimes weather conditions, tides or other local factors dictate that we need to vary from the published route, and at times there are special opportunities to explore and discover new locations, events and activities. These explorations will always be a definite enhancement to the published itinerary and will be undertaken after discussion and agreement among guests. Ultimately, the boat captains and your tour leader will make decisions to maximize trip safety and your overall enjoyment, so please come prepared to be flexible!

The More You Know The More You See

Our tour leaders are a wealth of information on the regions we visit and will prepare you for each activity with on board talks and presentations to give you a greater understanding of the different experiences you will have each day. They will also act as your cross cultural bridges to all the people we meet along the way, so feel free to ask them to translate when talking to local Indonesian people on your travels.


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