Depending on current airline schedules, to get to the start point of the river cruise in Borneo, guests will have to fly from either Bali or Jakarta on the day before the cruise’s official start date and stay overnight in a hotel or fly at 7am on the day of the trip. Please contact SeaTrek to discuss your flight arrangements into Indonesia before booking.

Some of these cruises are 14-days long and some are 13-days long. This is because the Orangutans and Dragons cruises are a combination of a Borneo riverboat cruise and a Komodo cruise and we need to match, and both boats have different schedules. Where those schedules align perfectly, the trip is 13 days. Where there is an extra day in-between the two boat trips, we have added a day. This extra day is spent in Bali at the Puri Santrian Hotel prior to flying to Komodo to board the SeaTrek boat, and guests are free to relax and enjoy the local surroundings.

The Itinerary on this page describes the 13-day journey. For the 14-day itinerary, guests will spend Days 4 & 5 in Bali.

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