Folklore: Tracing the Footsteps of Time

Visit colorful villages, see beautiful textiles, and learn about culture from our friendly locals.

Journey to Exotic Landscapes

Explore lush forests, meet fascinating creatures, marvel at breathtaking plants, and let your imagination soar with incredible sights.

Sailing past Volcanic Islands

Community development


Historical Events


SeaTrekker Magazine

SeaTrekker Magazine

Discover amazing traditions, delicious food, and fascinating stories that will open your eyes to a whole new world. Come along and get ready for an exciting journey full of surprises. To experience the complete magazine, see all the sights, and read all the stories please subscribe.


Still clinging tightly to its animist traditions, Sumba Island is a destination seductive to the soul.  Here are a just a few reasons why we find Sumba such a sensational destination.

I love you, goodbye to raja ampat, indonesia

From Past to Present, Stories to Remember

Travel back in time to ancient civilizations, meet legendary figures, and uncover the fascinating tales.

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life in the last mile

On our descent through dotted mountainside villages, I silently wish the western world could bottle some of the community spirit I’ve experienced here”

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