Jeffrey Mellefont, seafaring history expert, leads your adventure through ancient monsoon sailing routes to some of Indonesia’s remotest islands, past spectacular volcanoes rising from the sea along the famous Ring of Fire.

Jeffrey will connect us with the true nature of this island nation: a maritime crossroads of rare spices, sea-borne trade, migration, seafarers and boat builders.

Jeffrey's richly illustrated presentations draw on decades of research and adventures sailing with the traditional mariners and fishermen of Indonesia. He’s been visiting Indonesia since 1975, drawn immediately into the maritime life of this tropical archipelago with its amazingly diverse cultures and history.

He’s a fluent speaker of Bahasa Indonesia, a national language with its roots in the ancient world of sailors and sea traders.

Jeffrey Mellefont is a research associate of the Australian National Maritime Museum, where he had a long career as a publisher and editor. Formerly a blue-water mariner, celestial navigator and skipper, he became a specialist marine writer and photographer.

Jeffrey has published extensively on the oceanic worlds of Asia and Indonesia, in both popular and academic journals. He has shared his knowledge and enthusiasm by leading tour groups exploring maritime themes in Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia and India.