24 February, 2021


Have you ever wondered what the differences are between hard corals, soft corals and sponges? Is it a plant, animal or even something else?

Join SeaTrek’s expert cruise with Marine Biologist Joe Mueller to learn all about it and more! As a professor of Marine Biology for 30 years, Joe’s been teaching a range of courses from Marine Invertebrate Zoology to Ornithology and Ecology. Come discover the wonders of the Sea, from plankton and coral reefs, and Land ecology and forest ecosystems, to Sky, learning the most bizarre and wonderful facts about birds during your adventure. Joe’s passion for nature is infectious and is an inspiration to people of all ages. Joe can’t wait to share his encyclopaedic knowledge during his daily talks on board as well as during the many nature outings along the way. But what’s super fascinating - is his knowledge of how it all fits together and how the interrelationships between ecological systems make up the basis for the essential nature of life.

SeaTrek the Jewels of Raja Ampat with Dr Joe Mueller (Sorong-Sorong)

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