27 March, 2015

SeaTrek’s very own Katharina graced the cover of the Jan/Feb “Where to go in 2015” issue of AFAR Magazine. Accompanying her is a lively article by Josh Dean entitled, “My Old Man and the Sea.”

He says:

“Watching scenery from a more traditional cruise ship is a little like watching it in high definition on a movie screen. It’s stunning but also distant; you’re an observer, not a participant. On the Katharina, though, the water is only a few feet below and you can hear every ripple. Looking down from a cruise ship deck, the water seems perilous; on the Katharina, you can practically dangle your feet in it.”

The intriguing Katharina will be plying the pristine waters of Indonesia on specialty cruises throughout 2015, and then turning her full attention to charters in 2016.

Source: AFAR Magazine