7 April, 2020

Recognized as the prominent scholar, Coedes has written this textbook style book, tracing the influence of “Farther India” consisting of Indonesia, islands of Southeast Asia and the Indochinese and Malay Peninsulas. From this Indianization grew the kingdoms Cambodia and the small states of the Malay Peninsula, Sumatra, Java and Bali as well as the Burmese and Thai Kingdoms. Spawned by current patterns and alternating Monsoon Winds that governed navigation across the northern Indian Ocean, a maritime civilization of organized societies comingled language and customs as India exercised its influence. Luxury trade in spices, aromatic woods, fragrant resins and particularly the pursuit of gold as well as the drive to expand the moral nature of Buddhism succeeded in constructing homogeneous communities. This is a unique opportunity to understand the “cultural colonies” of Southeast Asia.