3 June, 2020

We have all thought at one time or another…where can I get a good cup of coffee?  Not an easy answer to be found even today and likely since the Coffea arabica bush was first cultivated in Ethiopia in about AD 1000.  Coffee joins the world as another sought after wealth provider to the merchant traders as did exotic spices from Southeast Asia, and even now continues to maintain its status in history.  Initially, as in the case of all expensive, scarce and exotic commodities, a world trade demand ensued for this social lubricant and respite from fatigue, and coffee trading hubs of the Yemeni port of Mocha and Java port of Batavia prospered as supply grew and everyone could afford a cup.  From the rise of the coffee kingdoms of the world, through the progressive invasion of coffee into a social and physical demand, to the current driving force in the age of Starbucks this book informs and entertains the reader.