3 December, 2018

We hope you have been enjoying many pleasant memories of your trip with us, and we would like to take the opportunity to let you know that as a past guest (and hopefully a future one as well), you are entitled to some very special privileges, which you can share with your friends and family: 

  • Our 5+5+5+ discounting (more about this later*) 
  • Regular updates and offers in our monthly newsletter. If you haven’t yet opted-in just click here. 
  • First notifications of our special offers. 
  • Access to your own site in our Member Area where you can: 

1.Easily see the photos everyone has shared of your trip in an organized way so that you can keep those good memories fresh and share them with your friends and family.

2.View your trip itinerary and cruising track so you can know the names of the places you really enjoyed. 

3.Be reminded of the names and faces and contact info of the guests and crew that you kindled friendships with while on your trip.  

4.Customized news feed of current local events around the types of things that you really enjoyed while you began the process of getting to know the Real Indonesia. 

5.Your own wish list of cruises so we know when to let you know about any special offers, we might have that match up with your special interests of Indonesia. 

Now for the numbers of how you can spread the savings: 5+5+5+ 

  • 5% off your next trip because you have trusted us with your vacation again. 
  • 5% off for any friends and family you have recommended SeaTrek to, who you believe will have a great time getting to know the Real Indonesia with us. 
  • + Don’t forget this BIG PLUS as you get an additional 5% discount off your cruise for each additional person you recommend that travels with us.   

So why are we so generous? We know that where you decide to spend your vacation time is a very important one and we want you to know how much we appreciate it. 

We look forward to meeting again soon, and if there's anything we can help you with please contact us any time you like.