Starting in Borneo and ending in the Komodo National Park, this is a journey through the rainforests of Borneo and the volcanic epicenter of Indonesia’s Ring of Fire. Experience the homeland of the orangutan and then travel to Komodo where you will see the results of countless millennia of Earth’s shifting tectonic plates, mighty forces that have helped shape the landscapes, cultures and habitats that exist both on land and in the sea.


· Cruise on a riverboat through Borneo and see orangutans living free in their natural habitat.

· Visit the Borneo Orangutan Survival Centre (BOS) and learn about their rehabilitation into the wild.

· Visit local villages to experience local customs and see how the people live their lives and make their living from fishing, farming and boat building.

· Walk on an active volcanic island and witness the building of a UNESCO-heritage pinisi using the same traditions and techniques used to build your own SeaTrek ship.

· Trek the hills and forests of the park’s prehistoric islands in search of Komodo dragons in the wild.

· Listen to the early morning birdsong as you hike through dry tropical and monsoon forests of the region.

· Swim with manta rays and sea turtles as they glide along the reefs and “cleaning stations”.

· Experience being in the water with whale sharks and learn how they live in symbiotic harmony with local fishermen.

· Swim, kayak, paddle and play on remote island beaches and feel the soft pink sand between your toes.

· Soar weightlessly through warm tropical waters as you snorkel on kaleidoscopic coral reefs teeming with underwater life.

· See thousands of giant fruit bats fly high above the boat as they emerge from their forest roosts on their nocturnal quest for food.

· Paddle board and kayak on an ancient freshwater crater lake in the heart of an extinct volcano.


Our mission is to provide the best experience possible for our guests given the current conditions and when unexpected opportunities for adventure may present themselves along our cruise routes. Sometimes weather conditions, tides or other local factors dictate that we need to vary from the published route, and at times there are special opportunities to explore and discover new locations, events and activities. These explorations will always be a definite enhancement to the published itinerary and will be undertaken after discussion and agreement among guests. Ultimately, the boat captains and your tour leader will make decisions to maximize trip safety and your overall enjoyment, so please come prepared to be flexible!


Depending on current airline schedules, to get to the start point of the river cruise in Borneo, guests will have to fly from either Bali or Jakarta on the day before the cruise’s official start date and stay overnight in a hotel or fly at 7am on the day of the trip. Please contact SeaTrek to discuss your flight arrangements into Indonesia before booking.

Some of these cruises are 14-days long and some are 13-days long. This is because the Orangutans and Dragons cruises are a combination of a Borneo riverboat cruise and a Komodo cruise and we need to match, and both boats have different schedules. Where those schedules align perfectly, the trip is 13 days. Where there is an extra day in-between the two boat trips, we have added a day. This extra day is spent in Bali at the Puri Santrian Hotel prior to flying to Komodo to board the SeaTrek boat, and guests are free to relax and enjoy the local surroundings.

The Itinerary on this page describes the 13-day journey. For the 14-day itinerary, guests will spend Days 4 & 5 in Bali.

The More You Know The More You See

Our tour leaders are a wealth of information on the regions we visit and will prepare you for each activity with on board talks and presentations to give you a greater understanding of the different experiences you will have each day. They will also act as your cross cultural bridges to all the people we meet along the way, so feel free to ask them to translate when talking to local Indonesian people on your travels.


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