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At SeaTrek Sailing Adventures we have made it our trademark to offer unique and authentic, small-ship cruising experiences that embrace the traditional wooden pinisi boat culture of Indonesia and the fascinating cultural and natural beauty that the remote part of this mighty archipelago in which we cruise has to offer. Throughout the year, and with an eye on the weather and the seasons, we run seven- to-twelve-day voyages across the eastern half of indonesia offering plenty of land- and sea-based activities, each with a full crew and headed by a highly skilled tour leader to ensure a smooth and stress-free trip.

We are especially proud of our Expert Led cruise programme, which offers guests a more immersive opportunity to delve deeper in a range of disciplines that includes culture, history, literature, cuisine, natural history, botany and zoology whilst in the company of expert tour leaders, who are masters in their chosen fields.

Our boats boast the highest levels of safety, service and comfort, and we stop often to snorkel on pristine coral reefs, swim, kayak, paddle-board and sunbathe on white sand beaches, trek in the jungle, search for birds of paradise and Komodo dragons, swim with manta rays and whale sharks, and visit tiny remote islands to meet with local people and gain a firsthand experience of their lives.

Travelling with like-minded companions from all corners of the world contributes to convivial and spirited exchanges, enriching the entire experience, and we take pride in all the friendships which are born and blossom on our boats, both between guests, and between guests and our crews, whether for a moment or for a lifetime.


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