Vincent Chalias has dedicated his life to studying corals. Over the past 25 years, he has developed a deep understanding of the biology and ecology of the reefs and the life they sustain.

He started the first Indonesian commercial coral farms in the year 2000. In 2016, he started a non-profit organization. It's dedicated to educating people and training volunteers to conserve and restore coral reefs.

His NGO, Ocean Gardener, has now planted over 80.000 corals all over Indonesia. They were involved in many different projects all over Indonesia. Vincent was also instrumental in helping to set up SeaTrek's very own artificial reef and coral racks sited just off Sanur Beach in South Bali.


vincent chalias

Vincent Chalias has worked in Australia on different coral reef restoration projects. As well as Crown of Thorns culling mission, the predatory starfish that has the ability to decimate coral reefs.

He is also an avid underwater photographer. His images abound in many diving and reef aquarium publications. Several times a year, he runs courses in coral reef restoration and writes many articles for dive and reef aquarium publications.

Vincent is a very welcome addition to the SeaTrek stable of experts. He is passionate to show our guests the beauty and complexity of the coral reefs of Raja Ampat.