31 August, 2018

At SeaTrek we spend a lot of time in the sun, and the last thing we want is to see you suffering from an unnecessary sunburn. By following these five simple rules for sunscreen application, you can maximise your protection from the sun's UV rays, allowing you to stay safe and comfortable as you soak up the tropical heat.


1) Apply it Early: Sunscreen doesn't have an instant effect, so make sure you apply it at least 30 minutes before you go in the sun, not just the water.

2) Reapply After Swimming: Just because it's waterproof, doesn't mean it doesn't wear off. Sunscreen should be reapplied after around 40 minutes of getting in the water for maximum protection.

3) Check the Use By Date: Generally a sunscreen will last three years, so if it's gone past this date, buy a new one.

4) Apply it Everywhere: According to experts, behind your ears and the middle of your back are the most missed places on the body. Think about where you need it, apply it, and ask a friend to help if necessary.

5) Clouds are Not Friends: Even on the cloudiest of days, UV rays still make their way down and onto your skin. So make sure you slather up no matter what the summer weather.


We've Got Your Back: It's easy to forget these rules, but our Tour Leaders won't. Before we go in the water, they will be looking out for you to make sure you are protected. Simply listen for the bell and the words, "It's sunscreen time, we are going in." And if you run out, simply let us know. We have plenty on board.


** Just Remember: Sunscreen is no cure-all, and still the best protection is covering up with a hat and a t-shirt and an umbrella. Read more about what to bring on your Seatrek cruise.