30 July, 2018


Those of you who have been on the Ombak Putih will know this man in an instant. It's Made, our head purser and mixologist extrordinaire. Those who have not yet had the pleasure of meeting him will fall into a deep state of awe and appreciation once you venture aboard and try one of his fantastical margaritas - only one of many specialties.

We'd like to say that you can make a Margarita a la Made like this at home, but without the Ombak Putih as a backdrop, and Made's special touch it's really not going to be the same. Anyway, here's the recipe. Give it a go.


1) Run a lime wedge around the rim of a glass and dip in sea salt. Fill the glass with ice.
2) Fill a cocktail shaker with more ice, add tequila, triple sec and fresh lime juice. Shake, don't stir.
3) Strain into the prepared glass and garnish with a lime wedge.
4) Sprinkle some Made Magic over the glass and serve either on the deck of the Ombak Putih or on a beach.
5) Be transported to Made Magic Land.
6) Order another round.