17 November, 2023

By Jeni Kardinal – SeaTrek Conservation Officer

SeaTrek has been supporting conservation and education programs that link students to books that relate to the environment or Culture.


In 2022 Jeni received a grant from the Australian Consulate’s DAP program to print 1,500 copies of the Wallace Book.

1,250 of those books will be distributed to schools around the SeaTrek sailing routes and 250 have been delivered to Yayasan Anak Indonesia for Libraries around Bali and Papua.

The mayor of Ternate has requested the books be in all the middle schools and SeaTrek will be making a special donation of 100 books to go towards this program.

wallace book cover
The Incredible Adventures of Alfred Russel Wallace Book Cover

The books are for sale in English on the boats for $25.00 USD per copy or 300,000 IDR. With each purchase of a Wallace Book, SeaTrek can make an additional 8 copies in Indonesian that can be donated to schools.

The book features Alfred Russel Wallace and his adventures in Indonesia and the iconic species that he shared with the world and named after Wallace.   

It has a pull-out map of Wallaces route and shows the “Wallace line” which he discovered as the biogeographical line that separates animal species from Australia and Asia.  

wallace book's writer and co-writer
Photo taken in Ternate at Fort Orange. From right: Dr. George Beccaloni, Aprile Denise, Coco Melati, Jeni Kardinal, and Village Chief.

In October 2022, SeaTrek gave out their first copies of the Wallace Book. That was a very special trip as everyone involved with the book came aboard including: Jeni Kardinal, SeaTrek conservation coordinator and co-writer; Aprile Denise, Founder of Literasi Anak Indonesia and co-writer; Coco Melati, the illustrator from Bali; and Dr. George Beccaloni, who consulted on the book and gave expert advice on Wallace – Founder of the Wallace Correspondence Project and Wallace expert on the Wallace SeaTrek trips.

Education: Featuring Local Heroes

On the horizon: There are so many local heroes in Indonesia and sharing their stories around the archipelago can be inspirational to many children, what’s better than learning about other Indonesians making a difference around Indonesia! 

We are learning about new heroes all the time so this should be an interesting series over time.

First in the series is about Wahyu and the Dolphin Rescue. This story is mostly based on a true events. Some events have been altered or are fictional.

wahyu and the dolphin rescue illustration
wahyu and the dolphin rescue

Wahyu gets the best job she can dream of working as a Dolphin Trainer at a Hotel in Bali. She loves the dolphins and grows attached quickly. But over time, she notices the effects on the dolphins living in chlorinated swimming pools on the dolphins health. However, she can’t complain or she may loose her job. One day everyone at the Hotel is shocked when a group of people in uniforms come to take the dolphins away only to find they are being rescued by a the National Park, Jakarta Animal Aid Network and The Dolphin Project. Wahyu has to quickly decide if she will join the rescue team where she learns how to help the dolphins become free.

The book is currently getting illustrated.

Education: Partnerships and Grants

SeaTrek Sailing Adventures is teaming up with an International Rotary organization called End Plastic Soup. How? Well, Jeni, Frank (Director), and Nita from SeaTrek, are all members of Rotary Club of Bali Action and End Plastic Soup.

Currently, End Plastic Soup has an initiative to work with schools around Indonesia to test out an education program with a focus on waste management and plastic recycling.

Here’s the program in a nutshell:

Happy Green World elementary school program for ages 6 – 12:  

The program consist of a student book,  teacher guide for 37 different activities, and a game board. There can be two teachers from each school who will receive 4 hours of on-line training. We are looking at which activities guest can participate in at the schools. Each school will receive 25 student books, 2 activity guides, and 2 game boards.

The grant has been submitted in Makassar with the Australian Consulates office under their Direct Aid Program. This covers the area of Ternate, Halmahera, Sulawesi, and the Bandas, which are along SeaTrek’s sailing routes.

The grant request is for 1000 copies of the student books, 100 game boards, and 100 activity books which is enough for a total of 25 schools and cost approximately: $2,220.00 USD.