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More Than More Time (1+1=11)

Time is not the only factor in powerful travel experiences, but the time you gain by linking two trips together in a diverse archipelago like Indonesia is certainly an important element. By connecting 2 of our routes, we can give you a total experience that is not as simple as 1+1 =2 but more like 1+1 =11. Why?

Deeper Understanding

The more you know the more you see. This phenomenon is something we have all experienced one time or another and something we see all the time with our guests. Starting as soon as you book, we will assist you in learning key concepts about the cultures and natural systems that will not only help you understand more about what you are seeing but will help you see more on your adventure with us. Here are some examples.

More Nature

Nature is not random There are many reasons why things are the way they are here in Indonesia. For instance, did you know that the reason we can see whale sharks and mantas is because Indonesia is positioned between two oceans?  This matters because the mixing of these two oceans makes the islands inbetween a great place for little creatures you can hardly see called plankton. These beautiful little creatures are what feed the gentle but giant whale sharks and the graceful soaring mantas. Our special pre-trip tips and having the extra time aboard will help you learn much more about the Why?  Ok, what about the people.

More Cultures

Just like other parts of nature, cultures are also not random they are shaped by an ever-changing blend of history and the environment. We will help you learn about the complex combinations of history, politics, natural history, geology, and marine biology that have created an incredible variety of cultures with 700 different languages that can be found across Indonesia. Ok, but why not stay home and read about it?

More Sailing

Doing it matters. Sailing is a verb and means hauling on lines raising and trimming the sails and being aware of and reacting to your surroundings. How do you get to learn more about your surroundings? 

More Fun with Crew

The crew have spent large parts of their lives at sea while traveling through the many islands.  The islands have their unique weather and currents as well as the many cultures.  The crew themselves are almost as varied as the places we visit, but somehow they all manage to connect into a single unit. How do they do it?  You can find out as they spend more time with you.

More Time For You

The thing that becomes more and more apparent is that we all need our time away and you will get plenty of opportunity for that important personal space on these longer trips. However, at some point you might notice that everything seems to get easier and easier and things make more and more sense and it becomes nicer and nicer to all be together. Why is that?

More Time in The Water

Being in it matters! How would you explain the freedom and wonder of floating above a coral reef to someone who has never been in the water? Or how would you describe the exhilaration of the wind on the sea to someone who has never been out on the sea. The difference is immersion. This is something we see as fundamental to our guests travel experience. We take you to sit with village elders and dance and sing with village kids, we have your face down in the water seeing under the surface every day. Great, but is there something deeper?

More Conservation (Coral Gardens)

Searching for more and more pleasure is of course a fun thing to do and an important part of travel but there is an even more satisfying aspect of travel that we very strongly believe in. That aspect is the conservation of where you go and the people you meet. We believe that respectful travel has the power to guard precious places and provide the knowledge and strategies which offer an alternative to selling away local resources and stigmatizing local traditions. This is the reason for our programs are focused on helping remotely located groups understand they have their own value and the natural systems that have created their cultures are their most valuable asset. Giving our guests the opportunity to work collaboratively and support our collection of local heroes and their conservation efforts is one of the most satisfying things we do, and our guests agree. But why is it so satisfying?

More Interaction with Indonesians

We have a bunch of theories, but one factor is for sure the feeling of connection to people and places that happens when you have spent time learning about them, time being in them, time working together for a common purpose of conserving them and time discussing all of these experiences with the other guests/crew while on your adventure. All these things combine to achieve our ultimate goal for you which is?

An Adventure that Lasts & Lasts

This our holy grail, the thing we strive for and the result that gets us the most excited. When we can see that “Wow look followed by the nod and glow of understanding” it doesn’t get much better and that is the goal of our new “Super Trips”

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