Meet our team

"Seeing Indonesia through Indonesian eyes"


Cruise Director

NITA has been a part of SeaTrek family since 2016 and is passionate about marine life and conservation through her volunteer work in coral restoration. She is a certified Rescue Diver and an avid scuba diver with 1,000+ logged dives in her belt.

Growing up, she lived nomadically from one Indonesian island to another which is the reason why she can speak four Indonesian local languages.

Recently awarded as 2020 Inspiring Change Maker through her non profit work at Peek Under The Surface which aims to distribute swim goggles to children living in coastline of Indonesia and education through ocean conservation.

She can be reached through email to or instagram @happilyroaming

ANASTASIA Louhenapessy

Cruise Director

ANASTASIA has been a part of SeaTrek family since 2015.

She is a freediver, a scuba diver, an amazing nudibranch spotter, and has a wide knowledge on sea creatures. Ask her anything about nudibranchs and watch her eyes light up.

Originally from Ambon and growing up in all over Indonesia, she speaks a number of local languages, in addition to Indonesian as her mother tongue and English.

Her 13 years of experience guiding makes her one of the best tour leaders both on land and sea excursions. She also has a lovely voice which might serenade you during your cruise. On top of her musical talent, she’s also keen on photography.

She can be reached through or instagram @anasbaronda

Dani Mulyana

Cruise Director

DANI has been a part of SeaTrek family since late 2018.

He is a professional freediver as well as on the Indonesian National Freediving safety team. With his calm manners, he might teach you a trick or two to enhance your confident in the water in order to have a better snorkelling experience.

Originally from Bandung, West Java, he has been a Bali resident since 2016. He loves photography and is very passionate about the environment as he is actively involved in a number of non profit organizations such as Trash Hero and Sea Soldier.

He can be reached through email to or instagram @abah_apnea

Dion Luas

Cruise Director

DION is the latest addition to our fabulous team of Cruise Directors. He joined SeaTrek at the end of 2019. Originally from Bitung, now residing in Bali. Dion worked for 10 years as a tour guide in North Sulawesi and has a great interest in birding, wildlife, and trekking. He also loves being on the water & snorkeling. He developed a keen passion for photography & videography.  Dion is also involved with SeaTrek’s website and Digital Media Management. He can be reached through email to and Instagram @dionsjourney 


Cruise Director

Narto has been a part of SeaTrek family since 1999.

He is very keen on history, culture, and French literature with  an education background in Social Sciences and French  literature.

His 30+ year of guiding experience makes him one of the best

tour guides on land excursions.

Originally from Java and now settling in Ubud Bali, he speaks  French in addition to English.

He can be reached through