27 June, 2024

By Frank Hyde 

A great year filled with adventures and learning:  

Wow as the Einstein saying goes “Time flies when you are having fun”. It is already the one year anniversary of SeaTrekker Magazine. I would like to thank all of the dedicated readers for sticking with us.  We hope you have enjoyed our stories so far. Team SeaTrek has worked hard on getting the stories out to you every month and in the process, we have learned a lot and are anxious to learn more! The magazine is all about you the readers so if there is a story that you would like to see or a subject that you would like us to talk more about, please let us know here.  

Some things we have learned in the first year of doing our magazine: 

  • Memories are important and getting them into a story helps those good feelings from a trip last a little bit longer. 
  • Not an epiphany to all you writers out there, but for our team it is very clear that the more we gather the information to write stories about the many different types of travel experiences we offer the more we find ways to give all of you a better understanding of what our trips are like.  
  • There are a lot of hopeful things going on in remote areas of Indonesia and we want to get better at letting you know about them. 

Upcoming additions include further discussion of: 

  • Why we focus on conservation of nature and cultures at SeaTrek? 
  • The SeaTrek Method of guest happiness. 

Why we focus on conservation of nature and cultures at SeaTrek?:  

Why wouldn’t we? I think we are like most people who would choose to do well by doing good. We are very lucky to be able to make the choice of doing good because of the team we have, the boats that we sail and most importantly the island nation of Indonesia we get to explore. 

It feels good to help and helping is at the centre of what we do. The whole team’s goal is to help maintain, and restore where necessary, the incredible nature and cultures of Indonesia. Our belief is that by operating trips filled with Pleasure, Purpose and Hope our guests can go home with a next level happiness knowing that their travel has helped the places that they visited, the people that they met and the crew that took care of them.  Last but certainly not least that the traditional wooden boats that we travel in help keep the amazing culture of traditional wooden boat building alive.  

Our hope is that we can create a business that allows all participants, guests, the SeaTrek team, and the people that we visit go to bed at night feeling that they have done something to make things just a little bit better. We have so many opportunities ahead why wouldn’t we do what we do?  More to come on this important subject.    

The SeaTrek Method of Guest Happiness: 

First some of our core principles: 

  1. Authenticity is everything. This is why we say, “Indonesia through Indonesian Eyes” 
  2. Disconnect from the day to day 
  3. Reconnect to what matters 
  4. Everyone loves to learn when it is fun 
  5. The more you know the more you see 
  6. Connection and helping makes you feel good 

1. Authenticity is everything. This is why we say “Indonesia through Indonesian eyes” 

Our boats are 100% Indonesian. They are built by Indonesian craftsmen from Indonesian Iron wood and when possible, sail on Indonesian wind. These are the vessels that enabled inter island trade in a nation of 17,000 islands.    

2. Disconnect from the day to day:  

There is a famous saying that goes something like, “the hardest thing about great travel experiences is leaving yourself behind”. In other words you can’t really appreciate the incredible things that are going on in the natural world of Indonesia or the cultures that have developed in this environment until you detach from all the noise back at home. Our disconnection process starts by stepping on a boat, disconnecting from land and starting a connection with the ocean,  The ocean that surrounds and sustains all of us.   

3. Reconnect to what matters.   

We believe nature and its cultures matter and  “their ain’t nothing like the real thing” We want you to feel it for yourself and see it for yourself. Spend time snorkeling in the most biodiverse area of ocean on our planet.  Hike in the forest to see the birds of paradise, hornbills and other great wildlife in “their place”.  Until you have been there and felt it none of us are likely to appreciate these animals and environments.. On top of it all, visit and talk, via our local crew, to cultures that have developed to live in harmony with these special environments. 

4. Everyone loves to learn when it is fun. 

We want you to know more about where you are and what you are seeing, but not in a classroom.  We want you to learn while snorkeling in the water and hiking in the forest.  Our knowledgeable guides will brief you about the cool things you are about to see and then be there with you to help explain the amazing thing going on around you.   

5. The more you know the more you see. 

Our while team feels that awareness begins with connection, that is actually being in contact with the things you are learning about.  There is so much noise in the world we think, very understandably, people have lost connections to some very important things, like our environment and the cultures that have developed in and because of those environments or “their places”.  

6. Connection and helping makes you feel good. 

Our job is to help you feel happy for as long as possible.  It has been our observation that the more we can help you connect with nature and culture, including helping to conserve them, the happier you are.  We have a lot of thoughts about this subject. But most importantly what do you think.

Thanks again for subscribing our SeaTrekker Magazine and look forward to more fun issues to come. 

Smooth sailing to all,