19 February, 2024

By Genoveva Diva 

Whenever you come aboard the Katharina, there is a high chance that you’d meet this lovely, bubbly guy standing on the deck welcoming you on board with a big smile on his face. Whenever you visit the lounge in the boat, you’d see him behind the bar, ready to bring out just the best dishes from the famous Katharina’s kitchen. 

His name is Bayu, the person in charge of hospitality in Katharina, and this is your chance to get to know him. 

His Younger Days 

Life in Cilacap for young Bayu was a blend of the green rice fields and the comforting hum of schoolbooks. His parents worked in the rice fields every day, toiled under the sun, nurturing life from the fertile soil. While Bayu wasn’t alongside them in the fields, their dedication to hard work was woven into the fabric of their home. He saw it etched in their calloused hands, heard it in what they told him: “Always work hard, always be honest, and be good.” 

School became his own domain, a place to explore and excel. Each good grade was a silent tribute to their values, a testament to the work ethic he absorbed by simply being their son. The lessons of his childhood, learned amidst the earthy scent of rice and the quiet hum of knowledge, would guide him far beyond the familiar horizons of Cilacap. 

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The Man and The Job 

Bayu joined SeaTrek as a crew member back in 2009, but he was always a sailor. Being raised in Cilacap, Central Java, he moved to Bali and became a part of the sailor’s life right away. He found his way to SeaTrek and he fitted right at home on the Katharina, sailing around the waters of Indonesia. Spending a lot of time together with the crew, he said they are basically a family united by the sea. 

Bayu started working ever since he was young, and all the years of experience have given him clarity. He has developed his principles over the years. He believes that for someone to feel happy and content with their work, no matter what the job is, there are 3 things they should keep in mind. One must be honest, sincere in giving it their all, and be disciplined in all they do. These work ethics have brought him to work with a happy heart every single day and staying true to himself.

Bayu (right) and his partner, Frans (left) posing for Halloween.

In his job he deals with the guests all the time, and it always gives him some sort of joy in his heart. That’s why he gives it his all to make sure the guests are okay and comfortable during their journeys. Sometimes when the guests don’t feel alright, he’d be the first in line to take care of them. A lot of the guests expressed their gratitude towards him, and he’s always glad to help. 

“A guest told me a few years ago: ‘I love to see how you smile every morning, Bayu. I feel how sincere you are, that you love what you do’. It resonates with me so much,” Bayu said, with a big smile on his face. 

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The Ocean’s Best Friend 

Being work colleagues with the ocean for so many years also has taught him something important: he became more caring. Not only to the crew, his family, but also to mother nature. He mentioned that he is now more careful with the ocean and the environment, trying his best to take care of it. 

“It all starts from us. No need to do something so big, just doing what you can is enough,” he said with a smile plastered on his face. “It’s important to remember that what we do always matters, no matter how small it is.” 

bayu and the guest

As Bayu bids farewell to each guest, a silent message lingers in the sea air: the ocean’s well-being rests in our hands. It may seem vast, but its fragility echoes in the gentle lapping of waves. Like Bayu, we can all be its guardians, choosing reusable bags, opting for mindful consumption, and cherishing its beauty. Remember, every action, however small, is a ripple on its endless horizon, shaping a future where this aquatic gem continues to sparkle, a testament to our collective care. 

Bayu’s story shows how sincere he is with his job, with his life, with the ocean, and the best thing about it is the way everyone can feel it whenever he’s around. It’s always good for you to expect to see him whenever you come aboard on Katharina; he’d welcome you with open arms.