15 December, 2023

By Sally Sorongan

Remember those moments when the food made us smile?  

Chef Ari’s journey reminds us that doing what you love can lead to something miraculous. His story is proof that with passion and a bit of creativity, you can achieve anything. 

The Chef 

Chef Ari’s cooking adventure began in Manggarai, Flores—where he grew up. With a background in Tourism, he saw a tasty opportunity in cooking for his future. His first cooking gig took place on a local Pinisi boat in Labuan Bajo sailing around Komodo National Park where he discovered his love for the sea and cooking. Looking back on Katharina, Chef Ari went from assistant chef in 2014 to head chef in 2022 until now.  

Chef Ari

Chef Ari likes to keep things simple and go with the flow. If something makes him happy, he’s all for it. When it comes to work, he prefers a comfy and good environment. Luckily, he found just that in the kitchen, especially on Katharina. The kitchen isn’t just where he works; it’s like his happy place.

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Chef Ari: The Family Man 

At first, his family had doubts about him becoming a chef, thinking it wasn’t a usual path for men. But little did they know, his adventure in the kitchen turned him into a real kitchen expert.  

Ari’s wife and his baby now live in Labuan Bajo. He loves his time both at home and in Katharina. Just like he cares deeply for his family, he’s also made close friends with the crew on Katharina. Building these friendships makes his work enjoyable, creating a comfy atmosphere where he can let his cooking creativity shine. 

chef ari with katharina's crew
Chef Ari with Katharina’s Crews

Chef Ari, not only a flavor pro but also a family man, always makes sure his family knows he’ll be home whenever Katharina sets sail to Komodo. Balancing sea adventures and family love, he stays consistent, even planning the grocery list for the upcoming trip. His dedication to both his family at home and his Katharina family at sea shows the warmth he brings to every part of his life.  

In Katharina’s kitchen, Chef Ari isn’t just a skillful chef. He’s also your best buddy, a family guy who puts love into every dish. Beyond tasty meals, he makes everyone feel like they are part of the Katharina family.

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Heartfelt Thanks  

He didn’t just cook. He crafted a masterpiece and served joy on a plate for us. Chef Ari wanted us to taste real Indonesia, and boy, did he succeed. 

For him, introducing new Indonesian dishes is an accomplishment, reflecting the guests’ desire to see Indonesia through Indonesian eyes. Whether facing bad weather or tiring treks, Ari believes food brings joy, making each day better and setting the stage for happy moments in the next activity. 

Chef Ari wants to express his gratitude to all the guests who have sailed on Katharina and those yet to come. Your preferences have been his kitchen inspiration, helping him grow and improve. For the upcoming trips, Chef Ari invites you to share your feedback and advice. He loves learning from you to become an even better chef for all the guests.  

Chef Ari with SeaTrek’s Guests

Ari’s story is like an inspiring adventure for anyone who loves what they do. Ari shows that if you keep trying, be creative, and enjoy it, even if you’re new at something, you can do awesome stuff.  

Let’s continue this tasty journey together with Chef Ari on the Katharina, turning every meal into something memorable and every journey into a flavorful and fun ride.