8 December, 2023

In September 2022, Maura Mazzer joined the SeaTrek’s trip from Labuan Bajo to Bali. She was inspired and wrote two poems from her trip.*

Trekked aboard the Katharina what an awesome experience! The ship has such charm, and the crew is top-notch! There were only seven guests, which was just perfect!  

We sailed from Labuan Bajo to Bali during the first part of September 2022. I have sailed on cruise ships before, but this was just—well. You need to see it and experience it for yourself!  

maura mazzer with the katharina ship

Every day we had two activities either on land or sea. Though I love to snorkel, I tend to be a big chicken, so I was very happy just going ashore and beachcombing when others did the water activities.  

The actual owner of the company was on our trip, so it made it so much more fun and we were able to give him feedback. The day we went to see the Komodo dragons was unbelievable.  

The one day I did go snorkeling: we had a lady who was a chicken like me, but Dani our tour leader took a life ring, and had her hold onto it, and she was able to navigate without fear. I just held onto it lightly just knowing it was there and made me feel more comfortable. That’s the kind of guide Dani was—very accommodating and doing his very best to ensure we were all safe and had a great time.  

On one of the islands, we were able to see the insides of one of the traditional ships as it was in the process of being built, which was really fascinating! I don’t know how they did it in such a small space, but the chefs did such a great job making sure we didn’t go hungry! 

One night we even had a beach barbecue! I was actually so inspired by the trip, and the ship itself that I wrote two poems which I hadn’t done in a long time. So, this is definitely one of those adventures that’s kind of off the beaten path.  

If you want to sit on the beach all day and fry yourself that’s one thing if you want to explore, this is the type of adventure to go on!! Hoping to do the eastern park of the Indonesian islands soon! 

Two Poems by Maura Mazzer 



As I step upon the beach 
Excited to finally see 
This giant ancient monster 
Swaying, flicking its tongue towards me 

It lazily walks past my side 
Its massive size so hard to believe 
But this dragon can move very quickly 
Don’t underestimate what he can achieve 

Suddenly he stops in his tracks 
“Smelling” the air with his long-forked tongue 
Does he see something that I haven’t noticed? 
Is it another? Now two? Should I run? 

He now resumes his lumbering pace 
As I continue to keep him in sight 
Drool dripping from massive jaws 
One bite can be deadly, gripping tight 

Komodo Island is home to this lizard 
He is found nowhere else on this planet 
I’m so happy I was able to see him 
We must protect them, don’t take them for granted 

Sept 2022 


Her name is Katharina 
A most magnificent vision is she 
The crew take such good care of her 
Her beauty reflects on the sea 

She glides effortlessly through the waters 
Barely a sound that she makes 
A sight to behold from a distance 
Crimson sails taut and straight 

Her decks reflect the designs 
From builders taught long ago 
Intrically sawing and hammering 
It all comes together—it flows 

At first you have just her ribs 
Which forms the basic insides 
Then slowly it all comes together 
Many years involved—the men’s pride 

I’m so happy I had this experience 
As she travels along silently 
This beautiful ship Katharina 
The pride of the island Bali 

Sept 2022