25 March, 2022

We are here!

We are so happy to say that SeaTrek is sailing again and ready for Adventure!   It has been a long 2 years since we have been able to run a trip, but we are even more ready now than before.  The Indonesian government has announced that as of April 1 fully vacinated guests will be able to enter major airports receive a Visa on Arrival  and are only required to stay one night in one of many certified hotels,  After that the sailing options are wide open!!!

We are still Singing Together and Ready to Sail Again!

We have managed to keep all our crew going and receiving a paycheck this whole time, small but enough to keep their health insurance.  How much their continued loyalty is appreciated is hard to overstate! Any past guest will tell you, our crews are the heart of our organization, and we are so glad that we have been able to make it through this pandemic all together.

We are Ready!

Our boats the Katharina and the Ombak Putih have been continually maintaining by their crews. Both boats will do their annual docking in the next couple of weeks.  Their bottoms will receive a nice new coat of paint and their annual safety certifications will be updated.  Once back in the water they will be ready to take guests out on sailing and nature adventures again!  Our first trip is a dandy perhaps visiting the most ecosystems of any trip we have ever sailied and led by two of our most experienced tour leaders Nita & Anastasia.  both born in the area where we are sailing!  Guests will be seeing indonesia through indonesian eyes something we always stive for but in this case the connection is even closer.  You can read about the trip or Spice Islands to Dragon Island itinerary here.

We Have Even More to Share!

On our guest experience side, we have been busy learning new information to share with you especially in the areas of Coral Reefs and Coral Reef Restoration. We are very proud of the coral restoration project we are working on here in Sanur, Bali in partnership with the Ocean Gardener organization.

Coral rack at our Sanur, Bali project

Our tour leaders have also been gathering even more information about the spectacular birds of paradise and other unique bird species out in the eastern Indonesia.

In addition stay tuned for the new trip we are working on with a very interesting story teller and expert on travels of Joseph Conrad in Indonesia.  To make sure you don't miss any of the new information please subscribe to our online updates below.  Let's Go Sailing!!!