10 April, 2020

With smartphones equipped with good cameras and Instagram and Facebook as a popular outlet to share the results, most people are stimulated to take photographs on a daily basis. Every day millions of photographs are made and shared. Many people, especially travellers, not only carry a smartphone for this purpose but also a camera. There is a variety of camera’s that people use, for example, DSLR, mirrorless and Mostly digital, some still analogue.

Photography has become an important part of our lives to capture moments and save precious memories that can be revisited. Do you know the origin of the word ‘Photography’? It was created from the Greek root words “photo”, which means light, and “graph”, which means writing. ‘Light-writing’ there is some poetry in that! It is important for you to prepare your photography gear for your upcoming trip with SeaTrek. There are tons of objects for you to photograph during your time with us, such as people, cultural performances and rituals, street life, wildlife, the underwater world.

Below are some tips and trick to help you prepare before your cruise:

  • Wildlife photography: I love this sort of photography and perhaps you do too. We have so many opportunities to see different flora and fauna during the cruise, for example, if you are going on a Komodo trip: you will be amazed to see the biggest lizard In the world or you may join us on the spectacular search for Birds of Paradise. Whatever your wildlife object, you will not regret bringing your 100 or 600mm lenses. Bring a tripod to help you support this heavier lens.
  • Culture and people photography: The beautiful thing about this subject is that you will visit a variety of villages. There will be plenty of opportunities to capture portraits of the villagers. The locals absolutely love to have their portraits taken. And don’t forget to give it back: when you show them your capture, it will make them smile. For this genre of photography, it helps to bring a wide-angle lens (16mm or 18mm) when capturing groups and cultural displays. For portraits, I use either the 50mm or 85mm lens. Your choice :)
  • Underwater photography: Who doesn’t like snorkelling with mantas ray, whale sharks or even just schools of fishes. Another subject that may really make you want to capture the moment and look at them again (and again) once you are back home. Snorkelling is a highly recommended experience of our everyday programs during your cruise with Seatrek. If you’d like to capture the underwater world, you would need an underwater camera, for example, Go Pro, Olympus Tough series and more, or you can simply purchase an underwater case for your mobile phone.

General recommendations:

  • Camera backpack: Bring a sturdy camera bag, preferably a backpack with a rain cover! Backpacks are easy to carry when tracking. During your cruise, the weather can change at any time and you will be travelling a lot on the smaller dinghy (from the vessel to the shore or just exploring) and you would want to protect your gear from the saltwater splashes.


  • Camera body: When it comes to the choice of the camera body, there is a number of things to consider. Do I need a large size camera or do I prefer compact? But what is the image quality when I compare those? Most people compact standard digital), which will definitely work, but enthusiastic photographers may consider bringing a more advanced camera with excellent image quality with great features.

Conclusion: Again, it’s your choice to bring as many camera and lenses as you like. There are so many different objects to photograph out there, the wiser you choose your gears the better the result. But, don't forget to organize your photos and videos. We are waiting for you to return and explore the beauty of Indonesia through your lenses together.