3 October, 2018

A major part of the SeaTrek philosophy is the sustainability of the people, the cultures and the natural environment of Indonesia (and indeed the planet), and we are committed to helping wherever we can. This is why we are delighted that we achieved Three Starfish out of a possible five in our inaugural audit by WWF in their Signing Blue programme.

Signing Blue is a WWF-Indonesia initiative to foster Responsible Marine Tourism (RMT), it allows providers to assess their level of sustainable practices and involves intensive auditing, interviews with staff and crews, and analysis of company documents and best practices.

The ranks are as follows, with ours highlighted in blue.

Star Fish 1: Demonstrate knowledge and commitment to responsible business or responsible practices in the tourism sector.


Star Fish 2: Demonstrate high commitment to implement best practices in the business sector and willing to encourage other people to engage in business or tourism best practices.


Star Fish 3: Aware and willing to conduct Responsible Marine Tourism activity by involving relevant parties, e.g. business partner, government, and tourist.


Star Fish 4: Posses awareness to educate, implement, and influence other relevant parties to participate in Responsible Marine Tourism practice.


Star Fish 5: Able to show innovative tourism program and provide a significant impact towards environmental sustainability, economic, socio-cultural and the reduction of the carbon footprint as well as able to influence policy and regulation in sustainable natural resource management.


With only a little bit more documentation of our procedures, we hope to quickly move into blue water and become Indonesia's first Four Starfish sailing company.

We will keep you posted on our progress.

For more information, visit WWF - Signing Blue.


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