9 April, 2018

Recycling is everyone’s responsibility - EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS!

“There is no such thing as 'away'. When we throw anything away it must go somewhere.” – Annie Leonard, Proponent of Sustainability.

Taking care of the Earth is a responsibility that we all share. Did you know that up to 40% of your household waste can be recycled and reused?

Here in Bali, Waste Collection & Recycling company, ecoBali, promotes responsible waste management and creates green awareness and eco products with the aim towards achieving zero waste. It is a service that SeaTrek uses in its own office and operations.

The company operates its own sorting and material recovery facility ensuring that its customers’ waste (households, villas, offices, businesses, restaurants, hotels, communities and schools) is properly managed and will not become a burden to Bali’s beautiful environment. eco-Bali’s focus is to maximise recycling, reduce the quantity of waste that goes to landfill, and promote composting.

ecoBali’s programmes include:

  • ‘Environmental Education’, which focuses on waste management issues by promoting awareness and waste segregation at the source in schools and communities.
  • ‘Recycling’ by collaborating with packaging producers and the recycling industry in order to maximise the recycling of non-organic waste.
  • ‘Waste Reutilisation’ by striving to find ways to transform waste into other useable objects and prioritise local solutions.
  • ‘Bring Your Own Bag’ (BYOB) by encouraging the community to utilise reusable shopping bags instead of plastic bags.
  • ‘Event Support’ by actively promoting environment activities in the community.

eco-Bali’s accomplishments since its conception in 2006 include up to 70-80% waste reduction through recycling and composting; 5.000+ tons of waste collected and processed, reducing its impact on the environment; 300+ education sessions in schools for more than 15.000 students and 1.000 teachers; 2.500+ eco training sessions to households and businesses, and 350+ composting installations in households and villas.

If all of us take individual actions today, we can work towards keeping our environment clean for future generations.